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Web + Mobile // Sites & Applications
A fresh and complete approach to web and mobile design

online know how

We know what its going to take to set your site above the rest. Thats why we put so much into your site. How about a mobile solution, social sharing, search engine optimization, scalability, and thats just for starters.

look under the hood

We utilize a variety of technology to bring your project to life. Some of our specialties include PHP, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, and of course HTML (of course HTML5 too) and CSS. We also utilize powerful frameworks like CodeIgniter and FuelPHP and a variety of APIs.
After working with a variety of individuals in the launch of TheSoundOfSeven.com, I quickly became aware of the importance of working with a programmer who understands design and a designer who understands the value of having a functionally powerful program to support the design.
I found such a person in Chris Ross. He understands the big picture because he has a firm grasp on what it takes behind the logos, headlines, photos and text copy to make it all come together and function seamlessly for those visiting our site.
Whether you're updating your current site, or starting from scratch, you'll find a conversation with Chris both valuable and delightful. With all this going for him, you may be wondering, whether or not he can work within your budget. Get ready for a pleasant surprise...

Dave Hail, Founder

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Print Design & Branding
Communicate your message and look good while doing it

attention to the details

Because of our extensive experience with printing and design, at RossInspired we know that its the details that can make or break your piece. You can rest easy knowing that all the finer points on your print media will be correct.

turn up the volume

Oh yes. We can turn up the volume. Whatever the size of your job, we can handle it. A million pieces? No problem. 125,000? We'll take care of it. 500? Bring it on. With fifteen years experience, we have been there and done that.

maximum creativity

Besides our beautiful and creative designs, we can create a creative concept for your piece that will deliver your message in an appealing and effective way.
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Church Media Consulting
Building the capital "C" church through technology

experience like no other

Having run the media production department at a large church for nearly a decade, we understand what it takes to build a team, organize an existing team, or just get started using technology. Whatever your goals, we have experience in bringing growth and success to your church with onsite or offsite.

growing the capital "c" church

We want to see Christ's global church use all the tools and avenues He has provide to share the Gospel. Throughout the years, we have been involved with ministry of all kind and bringing growth, success, increased revenues, and an expanded reach through online communities, print of all kind, television, service production, giving experience, monthly partner mailings, and communicating effectively.
Chris Ross has been a faithful employee at Victory Christian Center for nine years. Chris has a humble heart and has been submitted and willing to extremely accommodating when it comes to getting projects done. He is very gifted and always serves with a smile on his face, even when the pressure is on. Chris is dependable!

Sharon Daugherty, Senior Pastor
Victory Christian Center

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